Nama Sushi

There are many ways to describe sushi – but only Nama Sushi in San Francisco serves it the way it was meant to be served. Amidst a relaxing atmosphere – rare for this city on its own – the delicate slivers of fresh fish are the centerpiece of each dish and our veteran sushi chefs staff fully recognize that it’s not only about the food, but the presentation as well.

Before sampling one or more of the myriad of sushi choices, consider starting your Nama Sushi experience with a Nabemono – or soup. From Nabeyaki Udon, a thick noodle, chicken, egg, vegetable and shrimp tempura creation, to Sukiyaki with Rice and even Hot Soba, nothing is left to the imagination here. Our Donburi dishes are served over rice and include Miso Soup, encompassing Chicken Nanban, Gyudon, Katsudon, Oyakodon and even Tendon – our take on assorted tempura over rice.

More About Us!

Two Combination Dinner groups help you decide when visiting with a large party; group A includes specialties such as Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, Tonkatsu, Beef Teriyaki, Spicy Pork and Salmon while group B features Gyoza, Croquette, Saba Shio, California Roll, Sashimi and three pieces of sushi – tai, tuna and salmon. These are served with mixed tempura, miso salad and rice.

But beyond our menu, Nama Sushi is really all about offering Japanese cuisine in a “comfort food” style…incorporating bold flavors with fresh visceral appearances that will really sweep you away from the streets of San Francisco to the shores of Tokyo. We are within walking distance of such landmarks as AT&T Ballpark, making stopping in for either lunch or a full dinner a convenient prospect. Beyond ball game enthusiasts, we cater to local residents, business guests, SOMA weekenders and, of course, large parties.

How do we define sushi at Nama Sushi? It is a combination of delightful texture and subtle flavor that creates a bouquet of flavors in the mouth…With an unparalleled selection of fresh rolls and foods bursting with teriyaki flavors, an engaging atmosphere that enthralls with welcoming overtones and a hospitable staff that serves items meant to awaken taste buds time and time again...this all adds up to the Nama Sushi experience.